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What is DesignerCon?

DesignerCon is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer apparel with urban, underground and pop art!

What is Popshop Live?

Popshop Live is a Streaming Commerce platform which allows companies and individuals to sell items while streaming live. This is the platform that DesignerCon is using for their online version. A special “convention” interface has been created by Popshop Live for DesignerCon

How do you Interact at DesignerCon Online?

We love seeing our vendors in person too but for safety reasons in 2020 the show is moving online. Attendees will still be able to chat LIVE with their favorite artists and companies. You will still be able to ask to get things signed, customized or just chat and catch up.

How do I attend DesignerCon Online?

To attend the online show you will still need to purchase a ticket for access. You can purchase a VIP Ticket for $65 or General Admission Ticket for $10 by going to

What is the different between VIP and General Tickets?

Just like in the in person show the VIP tickets gets the ticket holder more access during the show as well as a VIP box which will be mailed to you before the show. VIP’s will be able to access the show on Friday night for VIP-only night and get access to items first. The General admission will get access only beginning on Saturday at 10am and will not receive any items in the mail.

I'm NOT in the US, can I attend?

Yes, you can BUT we must warn all international attendees that a US shipping address is required. We recommend you use a forwarder or a US family/friend address if you wish to attend.

I have an Android device, can I still attend?

Absolutely! We actually recommend that attendees use a computer web browser for the show rather than the iOS app. The same URL for tickets ( will become the show on the show date if you purchased access. You can also access this site through your Android’s web browser if you want to go mobile and still access the show. The same applies for all desktop and iOS devices.

Do I pay for shipping when buying items?

Since all the items you buy are going to be shipped to you, yes, you will have to pay for shipping. How much? Each vendor sets up their own shipping method so some will be more than others but MOST vendors will have a flat rate shipping for all your shopping with them during the whole weekend. Please note that large items (such as 1000% BE@RBRICKS) will have additional shipping fees.

Are ALL vendors streaming live ALL the time?

No, some vendors will definitely stream during the entire hours of the show BUT some vendors will stream live on and off. Vendors who do not stream live ALL the time will also be featuring items you can purchase even when they are not live and most vendors will do “drops” during specific times during the show.

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